Category: Dippin Dots

Brownie Batter

Indulge Your Taste Buds With This Fudgy Blend of Brownie Batter Ice Cream and Chewy Brownie Chunks!

Frozeti Confetti

A Fun Blast of Lemon and Blue Raspberry ices with Confetti Popping Candy!

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Flavored

Banana Split

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana blend

Birthday Cake

A Blend of White & Yellow Cake Batter Ice Cream, Icing Flavored Ice Cream and Cake Bits!

Cookies ‘N Cream

Oreo Cookie Pieces Surrounded by Sweet Vanilla Ice Cream

Rainbow Ice

A Colorful Blend of Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime & Blue Raspberry Ices!

Crushed M&Ms

Add A Chocolate Crunch Topping To Your Cold Treat!

Oreo Crumbles

Add A Delicious Chocolate Topping!

Rainbow Sprinkles

Add A Colorful And Sweet Topping To Your Cold Treat!  

Chocolate Sprinkles

Add A chocolatey Topping To Your Cold Treat!

Whipped Cream

Add A Creamy Delight To Your Cold Treat!

Gummy Bears

Enjoy the World’s Best Gummi Bears in 12 Fresh Fruity Flavors.

Reese Pieces

Add Some Peanut Butter And Chocolate Flavor To Your Ice Cream!


A Buttery, Salty Snack That Is Easy To Share.

Cotton Candy

Enjoy A Fluffy Sweet Treat! Choose Between Blue Raspberry Or Vanilla Pink!